Equipment Finance

In an increasingly competitive world, Business success is dependent upon your ability to provide fast, efficient products and service solutions for your clients. Your ability to deliver is directly related to your ability to invest in new plant and equipment.

Exponential Finance will assist you to invest in productivity enhancing equipment, replace old and tired equipment and expand your fleet and production capacity.

Equipment financing options consist of a wide range of available products, including:

  • Equipment Loans
  • Finance Leases
  • Commercial Hire Purchase
  • Vehicle Loans
  • Operating Leases
  • Import Finance for foreign sourced equipment purchases

Exponential Finance will work with you and your tax advisors to find the best solution for you. It is critical that the facility selected takes into account not only the tax consideration but also the term, residual and cashflow requirements.

Productivity enhancement is the key to economic growth. The ability to invest in new equipment sooner can assist to accelerate financial performance. Conservative business owners may defer investment decisions to reduce risk and are reluctant to take on new financial commitments until circumstances improve. This however may prove to be the higher risk option.

Through correct business case analysis, the owners may find it actually lowers risk to bring forward this investment and gain the benefits sooner. The investment becomes self-funding, with the productivity gained exceeding the financing costs. Increased profits can then strengthen the balance sheet through profit retention and enhance the businesses capital position.

At Exponential Finance, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide effective innovative solutions. Many business owners are simply unaware of what is possible. As an example, a business which has foreign currency receivables may want to look at financing equipment in that currency. This provides a low cost-effective currency hedge strategy by matching income and expenses in the same currency.

If you’d like to know more, ask your Exponential Finance Consultant for more details.