Why Exponential?

A successful financing outcome, what we at Exponential Finance label a ‘bankable transaction’, one that is predictably liable to occur, is not simply about maximising access to cheap and easy credit. It is about ensuring finance facilities are appropriately structured for their purpose. In assessing your requirements, we will present the best available options, having considered the following keys factors:

  • Purpose – Does the financial instrument proposed match the funding requirement?
  • Interest Rate – Is the rate competitive and appropriate for the level of risk?
  • Interest Type – Determine between variable, fixed and capped and collared options?
  • Interest Rate Cycle – Does the timing of interest payments meet the clients cashflow?
  • Amortisation – Does the facility repayment timeframe align underlying assets and cashflow?
  • Security – Is the level of security provided appropriate and sufficient?
  • Guarantees – Are Directors Guarantees and Cross Guarantees required and appropriate?
  • Financial Reporting – Is the Financial Reporting too onerous?
  • Financial Covenants – Are they realistic and achievable?

It is vitally important that financial terms and conditions support and align with a sound investment strategy. Borrowers need to know and understand what their debt capacity is and how much debt is too much debt?

History has proven that even very large businesses can be prone to corporate failures. In these cases, all these companies typically had Bankers, internal accounting departments, external accountants and auditors, yet they still managed to get in wrong. Exponential Finance was established with the goal of assisting businesses and individuals to avoid predictable mistakes that destroy value.

Exponential Finance – Our People

Our team of experienced, seasoned finance and industry professionals are here to guide you through making the most out of your business or personal investments, ensuring they are supported with the most appropriate financing options.

Personal and Business investment decisions are deeply personal and can have long ranging consequences for borrowers and their family. The outcomes can be life changing. You do not have to make these decisions on your own.

All our staff must exhibit the follow key requirements in order to be a part of the Exponential Finance Team.

  • Experienced Industry professionals.
  • Highly qualified in a business, finance or commerce discipline.
  • Strong numeracy and literacy skills.
  • A commitment to ongoing learning and development.
  • Exhibit high levels of personal and professional ethics and integrity.
  • Possess a strong customer service focus and demonstrate both and highly levels of transactional commitment and relationship focus.
  • Strong communication skills with the capacity to explain complex concepts in a simplified context.
  • Be easy to do business with.