Business Finance

No matter what your business needs, Exponential Finance has access to a range of funding options to best support your business.
Working Capital Finance
  • Overdraft Funding including seasonal and temporary overdraft requirements
  • Invoice Finance
  • Commercial Bills
  • Insurance Premium Funding
Expansion Capital
  • Growth and Acquisition Funding
  • Equipment Finance
  • Senior Term Debt
  • Commercial Property Finance
Risk Management
  • Interest Rate Hedging
  • Foreign Exchange Management
  • Equity Withdrawals & Wealth Diversification
Trade Finance
  • Import Export Finance
  • Bank Guarantees
Business Restructuring
  • Refinancing
  • Debt Reorganisation

Exponential Finance specialises in financing businesses through the Company Lifecycle.

Small & Medium Enterprises – Revenue $1.000M – $20.000M

If you are a small business, it is important to get your businesses finances structured appropriately from the outset. The wrong financial structure can be a significant impediment to growth. Exponential Finance will seek to ensure your access to the best Corporate Finance Professionals becomes a significant competitive advantage for your business, by setting it on a pathway that maximises growth and minimises risk.

Emerging Corporates – Revenue $20.000M – $100.000M

Often as a business grows and the need for additional funds is needed, many business owners are unprepared for the increasing complexity and demands of financiers. This is particularly true regarding financial reporting, financial covenants and the demands of audited accounts. Unfortunately, many businesses rush into these increased demands at critical times in the business’ evolution. As an example, you may find that just as you are taking on a major new contract and revenue is increasing, your access to funding suddenly becomes slower and more demanding.

Exponential Finance will work with you to avoid these common frustrations, by planning to meet these demands well ahead of time. Issues that can be foreseen can be planned for, to ensure you maintain the best service for your clients without interruption.

Corporates & Institutional – Revenue $100.000M+

As a business continues to grow, financing decisions become more critical due to the size of the financial commitments being taken on. Complexity and concentration increases with size. Financiers may be less willing to take all of the business’ financing risk. The business may suddenly find it does not have access to the level of funding it may have anticipated.

The need to manage multiple financial arrangements simultaneously, including security priorities, can be a time demanding process for any business. As the range of available options reduces with size, the power and influence of the financiers grows significantly. A business can be faced with sudden deleveraging requests, as credit markets change or perceptions of specific industry risk increases.

Exponential Finance provides an unbiased independent counterbalance to the market power of incumbent Bankers via our knowledge, experience and access to alternate financiers. Exponential can also help facilitate introductions with Equity providers where required.

If you’d like to know more, ask your Exponential Finance Consultant for more details.